Is it Time for Senior Care?

It can be difficult to ask for help, to make the decision to hire a helping hand, and take the steps towards this part of life. Seniors Helping Seniors is family-founded and operated health care team that promotes independent senior living, family involvement, and personalized care.

How to Decide if You Need Senior Home Care

  • Do you have low motivation, low energy, or mobility limitations?
  • Do you have difficulty keeping up with the daily chores and housekeeping?
  • Could you use assistance going to appointments, shopping, or visiting others?
  • Would you welcome outside help into your home if the above items could be performed by another individual?

Our professional care staff provides medical services and s
upport in the privacy and comfort of your home. Our patients benefit from having their health needs properly addressed while promoting individual independence and aiding in fundamental tasks.

Home health care provides:

  • Convenience for family and friend visitationdreamstime_xxl_48399437
  • Freedom to attend social activities and family events
  • Ensures safety and individualized care
  • Committed health care that encourages family involvement
  • Peace of mind that needs are being met
  • Compassionate understanding of your needs
  • Promotes time and attention to healing and
  • Provides lower risk for infections
  • More affordable than hospital and inpatient care
  • Care is customized to the individual needs
  • Reduces the risk of future hospitalizations and injury
  • General housekeeping and cleaning necessities
  • Help with task such as gardening, shoveling snow, and other maintenance
  • Shopping and cooking meals
  • Transportation for doctor appointments
  • Enjoyment of social activities

Our services are fueled through the insight and care only a senior can offer another. That said, this can be a difficult time for you and your family. No one can make the decision to ask for help for you, but we can help ease your worry and hesitations. Contact us with any question and concern you have, we would love to hear from you!