Loveland Home Care Provider Shares Tips About a Household Hazard

One of the most significant health challenges seniors face in living independently is the risk of a fall. Falling can cause injuries like broken bones, head trauma and damage to internal organs, all with the potential for complications. With our expertise providing Loveland home care for seniors, we also know that a fall can harm their sense of confidence.

How to Help Minimize the Fall Risk for Seniors

The risk of falling can be minimized by attending to certain health and environmental factors. As a leading Loveland home care provider, we like to share tips for helping keep seniors safe and secure at home:

  • Proper medication management. Some prescription medications can have a negative impact on a person’s balance, making them more prone to falls. And the combination of multiple medications can do the same. Seniors and their families should be sure to talk with the prescribing doctor if mobility issues arise. It may be that different medications can be prescribed or dosages can be modified to eliminate the problem.
  • Vision correction. A senior’s inability to see changes in the floor surface or obstacles in their walking path can increase the risk of a fall. Visiting the eye doctor on a regular basis can help prevent this situation.
  • Slip-resistant footwear. Seniors should wear slippers or shoes with gripping soles when moving around the house.
  • Hazard-free and secure flooring. It’s important that the flooring in a senior’s home be free of ridges and wrinkles that can lead to tripping, and also that rugs have a slip-resistant backing to keep them from sliding.
  • Appropriate lighting. Poorly lit areas can pose a tripping hazard for seniors. However, overly bright areas can cause glare that obscures their vision as well. Ample but soft lighting is the key to optimal visibility.
  • Handrails. As we age, having something to hold as we navigate tricky areas is increasingly important. A senior’s home should have sturdy handrails in key locations such as beside toilets and on stairways.
  • Unimpeded walkways. Items left on the floor where a senior wouldn’t expect them can increase the risk of a fall. It’s important to keep walkways open and free of clutter.
  • Sturdy furniture. Seniors tend to use the furniture around their home to help with navigation, and they also tend to put more weight on it as they sit or stand. Sturdy, tip-resistant, slide-resistant furniture is key.

Keeping an Eye on a Senior’s Surroundings

As we provide Loveland home care to seniors, we keep an eye out for conditions that might increase their fall risk. It’s just one of the many services we provide. Contact us today to learn more about our offerings in a free consultation!

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