Provider of Senior Care in Longmont Says Seniors Can Benefit from Social Media

When you think of someone who uses social media, the image that comes to mind is probably not that of a senior. However, as a leading provider of senior care in Longmont, we know that older Americans are becoming more comfortable with and interested in social media. And while our caregivers provide welcome companionship, there is much to be said for the ability to see photos and updates from family members with just a few mouse clicks, or the opportunity to chat with loved ones online.

Staying Connected to What Matters Most

Not all seniors have an interest in social media, but those who do enjoy a number of benefits from their online interactions. They include:

  • Decreased social isolation. Our Seniors Helping Seniors team members not only visit with seniors, they also take them to appointments, on shopping trips, and to social engagements. These outings are very helpful with keeping them connected to their friends, families, and communities. Social media can assist with this goal by enabling seniors to communicate with loved ones between caregiver visits.
  • Increased access to information. Social media — in particular, groups formed around specific interests or topics — can be an excellent source of insight on the issues a senior cares about. For example, there are a many groups online where seniors communicate with one another about the joys and challenges of aging.
  • Resistance to cognitive decline. While social media platforms are designed to be intuitive, they do require users to remember things like how messages are sent and receive, the names of other users and groups, and the password for accessing them. In providing senior care in Longmont, we always encourage seniors to stay mentally active.

Encouraging Seniors to Take a Second Look at Social Media

When the original social media platforms came online, they were clearly focused on attracting teenagers and young adults. However, they have evolved and now have much to offer people in any age bracket. Seniors who want to stay better connected to family and friends would be wise to take a second look at social media.And when it comes to in-person connections and camaraderie, seniors and their families are wise to look into Seniors Helping Seniors senior care in Longmont. To learn more about our services, contact us for a free consultation today!

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