Safety Tips for Seniors with Dementia from an Elder Care Provider

Seniors in the early stages of dementia may be able to remain in their home with proper assistance and supervision from family and an elder care provider like Seniors Helping Seniors. However, there are things around the home that while they posed no threat to seniors before the onset of their condition, can be dangerous after they begin to exhibit signs of dementia.

Creating a Safe Home Environment for Seniors

Anyone involved in elder care for a person who is starting to have cognitive difficulties should take action to address the following:

  • Weapons. People with dementia can become confused about whether a person visiting their home is someone they know or an intruder. Help prevent them from injuring others or themselves by removing firearms and other weapons from the home, or locking them up and ensuring the senior can’t get access to them.
  • Kitchen risks. Leaving the stove on after cooking a meal is one of the most serious dangers in the kitchen. It is best to install a new stove or an add-on that can turn burners off automatically if the senior will be cooking.
  • Tripping hazards. Falls can cause serious injuries to seniors. Be sure that anything that can cause a senior to slip, trip, or lose their balance is removed from the home or modified.
  • Hot water. Seniors with dementia are at risk of painful injuries through the hot water coming from their faucets. Ensure that the water heater is set no higher than 120 degrees, and use vivid red and blue indicators on fixtures to help a senior remember to select the right temperature.
  • Medication. To prevent an accidental overdose, put medication where the person can’t access it, and administer it for them.
  • Finances. A senior who is suffering from dementia may be prone to making financial mistakes such as when paying bills or transferring money between accounts. They may also inadvertently provide information that compromises the security of their accounts. Ideally, a trusted family member should assist with all financial transactions, large or small.

Helping Protect Seniors with Dementia

When Seniors Helping Seniors is providing elder care, they keep a watchful eye on the person’s home environment and intervene or contact family members as needed to help keep the senior safe. Contact us today to learn more about our offerings in a free consultation!

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