How to Pick a Med Alert System - Tips from a Senior Care Services Company

As a leading provider of in-home senior care services, we know the importance of medical alert systems. They can serve as a critical, and in some cases life-saving, connection to first responders. There are many of these systems on the market, so selecting one can be a challenge.

Here are some factors to consider as you assess your options:


There are a number of questions you should ask when talking with a sales representative or reading brochures. How do I call for help? Am I connected to a member of the provider’s team or directly to first responders? Can the system detect falls and initiate an emergency response if I’m unconscious? Is the device GPS enabled? Is there a daily check-in function? Does the system monitor for smoke and carbon dioxide levels?


The system you choose has to be within your budget. To be sure you fully understand what you’ll be paying, ask key questions of the provider and your accountant. What are the costs for things like shipping, installation, activation and monthly service? Does the company require a contract, and if so, what are the parameters? What is the cancellation policy? Will my medical insurance cover any of the cost? Can I deduct any portion of the cost as a “medically necessary expense”?

Equipment Specifics

It’s crucial that a system uses devices that work for you and your lifestyle. Be sure to get specifics on the equipment. Is there a wearable device? How does it communicate with the system? What is its range? Is it waterproof? Does it work when I’m away from home? What is the average battery life? Can family members check on me using their smartphone or computer?


The level of attentiveness and support that a company provides is very important. Don’t hesitate to ask some probing questions here. How quickly does the company address alerts? What is the company’s reputation in the industry for supporting customers and maintaining equipment? Is the system protected against hackers?

Senior Care Services and Medical Alert Systems: A Powerful Combination

The combination of a high-quality medical alert system and visits from an in-home senior care services professional is great for seniors. It helps ensure any health and safety issues are dealt with quickly and effectively.

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