Man in dementia care enjoying the day

Seniors with Memory Loss, Dementia or Alzheimer's have a broad range of needs. It takes a great deal of patience and kindness to lovingly guide them through this stage of life. We understand how hard it can be to care for those with this disease. Our goal is to not only provide relief, but to offer a loving hand in a time of need.

Enlisting the help of a senior caregiver can provide many benefits, from social stimulation to an extra set of eyes and ears in the home.

Seniors Helping Seniors® Northern Colorado is recognized as a Dementia-Friendly Leader® by the Dementia-Friendly Communities of Northern Colorado®.

Using In-Home Care from Caregivers that Make a True Difference

We believe that the most important thing you can do for someone who is suffering from memory and cognitive loss is to create a caring and comfortable environment that assures their safety and happiness. We strive to give your loved one a sense of dignity and boost their self-esteem, making them feel respected.

If someone you love has been dealing with dementia, and you are at the end of your rope, but are concerned about your loved one feeling like “just another number” at a hospital, we have the perfect happy-medium solution. Caring for someone with Alzheimer’s can be a part or full-time job. Often the families of our clients feel so relieved that their relationship will improve. Less time getting caught up in the logistics of care means more quality time for your family and your loved one. We believe the more we do to help you feel less overwhelmed, the better off you and your loved one will be.

The loving, compassionate staff at Seniors Helping Seniors aims to provide care with an open heart, enriching the community as a whole.


Identifying if Your Loved is Experiencing Early Stages of Dementia

  • Is your loved one, experiencing difficulty with:
      • Language
      • Non-Verbal Communication
      • Focus
      • Reasoning
      • Remembering
  • Is your loved one, struggling with short-term memory, such as:
      • Forgetting where they left an item?
      • Failing to recall why they entered a particular room?
      • Forgetting to attend appointments, take medication, or keep up with other commitments?
  • Is your loved one, struggling to communicate thoughts?
  • Is your loved one, experiencing mood changes like depression?
  • Is your loved one, losing interest in favorite activities or hobbies?

These may be signs of the early stages of Memory Loss, Dementia or Alzheimer's. After consulting with your loved one’s physician, you should contact Seniors Helping Seniors® Northern Colorado home care to see how we can be of assistance.


How can Seniors Helping Seniors® Northern Colorado In-Home Care Services Make a Difference?

Providing dementia care can be very stressful. Our caregivers help shoulder that burden so you can focus on spending more quality time with your senior.

We offer a variety of in-home services to make life easier and more enjoyable for all our clients. Offering 24/7 care, you never have to worry again about your loved one having the help they need. Whether they need help with daily tasks like shopping and cooking, or even just paying bills, our goal stays the same: to provide compassionate and competent dementia care and service, allowing them to stay active.

Our team members understand the impacts of memory impairment, and are trained in how to care for a senior with dementia and how to be of assistance to you.

When Memory Loss, Dementia or Alzheimer's pose serious challenges to the health and happiness of a loved one and are negatively impacting their relationships with everyone close to them, Seniors Helping Seniors® Northern Colorado in-home care can be a valuable component of your support network.