Health Benefits of Creativity from a Loveland Senior Care Provider

There are many ways that seniors can strive to optimize their physical and emotional wellness. Diet and exercise are two areas that immediately come to mind for most people. Another activity that can sometimes be overlooked is creative expression. As a leading Loveland senior care provider, we know that there are many reasons why seniors turn away from creativity, including lack of supplies or encouragement, and the belief that they simply aren’t the “creative type.” However, there are many benefits of getting, or staying, creative as you age.

The Upside of Art

Both formal studies and informal observation have many times confirmed that creating “art” in any of its many forms is helpful to seniors. Some of the benefits include:

  • Better physical health. Studies have shown that seniors who pursue creative endeavors have fewer falls, lower medication requirements, and fewer doctor visits.
  • Improved emotional health. Seniors who express themselves creatively tend to have decreased depression, lower anxiety levels, and a greater sense of life satisfaction.
  • More social interaction. Creative pursuits are a great reason to get together with other like-minded people, and also an excellent conversation starter with anyone. And for seniors who live at home and need transportation to gatherings, a Loveland senior care provider like Seniors Helping Seniors can offer assistance.
  • Greater neuroplasticity. Researchers are learning more all the time about the brain’s ability to remain active and vital when faced with challenges. People who perform creative activities can develop new synapses in their brains that help them stay mentally fit.

Whether it’s painting, sculpting, knitting, woodworking, dance, music, or any other pursuit, creativity can definitely be a positive force in a senior’s life. And for those who say they aren’t creative, the truth is that creativity is not an innate talent that you either have or don’t have at birth. Instead, it’s a skill that anyone can pick up with practice. So, why not give it a try?

Seniors Helping Seniors Can Enable Creativity

In our role as a leading Loveland senior care provider, we deliver an array of services, which can include encouraging a senior’s creative pursuits, helping them get to classes or workshop time, etc. If you have questions about our offerings, please contact us today to learn more in a free consultation!

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