Why Is Independence Important For Seniors?

The mission that drives and motivates all members of Seniors Helping Seniors in Northern Colorado is putting the independence back into senior living. Far too often we’ve watched as individuals reach advanced age and are encouraged (or pressured) by loved ones to enter assisted living facilities. While we acknowledge that these facilities play a very important role in senior health care, we believe that they should be considered an option rather than an inevitability.

Our mission here at Seniors Helping Seniors is to help people in Northern Colorado maintain their independence as long as they’re physically and mentally able to do so. We accomplish this by providing in-home health care workers that just so happen to be seniors themselves!

Home Care Encourages Independence In Senior Living

When seniors are assisted in their quest to maintain independence in their own homes, they tend to be better off both emotionally, physically, and financially. Staying at home, even with the services of a home care provider, will always be cheaper than moving into an assisted living facility or nursing home. In these facilities, it’s often far too easy for seniors to come to rely on prepared meals, laundry service, scheduled social time, and other activities that actually reduce the amount of involvement they have in the direction of their own lives. Some research has even suggested that staying at home as long as possible can also help seniors to recover faster from injuries and surgeries.

Keep reading to discover some additional benefits of maintaining independence that can be enjoyed when you choose to work together with Seniors Helping Seniors.

Benefits Of Maintaining Independence For Seniors

  • Quality Of Life - When asked why they prefer to remain in their homes rather than move to an assisted living facility, most seniors report that their number one reason is the ability to remain in charge of their own lives. Being told what to do and when is seen as a drastic step down in quality of life for these seniors.
  • Sense Of Pride - Seniors who have worked hard to build a home and raise a family are very proud of their accomplishments. Taking away their independence simply because a child or relative “worries” about their safety is often insulting to these proud seniors. With the services of Seniors Helping Seniors, older people have the assistance they need to accomplish those tasks that have become a little difficult while still maintaining the sense of pride that comes from managing the household they’ve enjoyed for decades.
  • Maintaining Mental Acuity - Watching their favorite shows, cooking their own meals, reading books, enjoying social activities with friends--these are the things that help to keep senior brains sharp. When the ability to decide their own activity scheduled is taken away, many seniors become depressed and find that mental function dulls.
  • Community Participation - Another big complaint from seniors who have been “placed” into assisted living facilities prematurely is that they’ve been taken away from the social communities that they once enjoyed and forced to live and interact with people who are basically strangers. When seniors maintain their independence with the help of home care services, they’re still able to host their weekly bridge game, play Bingo at the community center, or attend church.

Maintain Independence In Senior Living In Northern Colorado!

Want to learn more about how Seniors Helping Seniors is keeping the independence in senior living? Contact us for a FREE consultation today! Our specialists would be more than happy to speak with you about how easy it can be to maintain independent living with the help of our senior caregivers. We provide in-home care for the elderly throughout Northern Colorado, so whether you live in Larimer County, Weld County, or Longmont, you can be sure that we have seniors who are ready and able to provide the help you’re looking for.