Is a Virtual Assistant Right for Your Loved One?

Virtual assistant use in elder careVirtual assistants like Amazon Echo and Google Assistant have gone from being novelties to playing a major role in family life over just a few years. Tech-forward young adults led the way in the adoption of these devices. However, there’s every reason to think they can be helpful to seniors living independently as well. As a leader in Colorado home care, we believe they can provide a number of benefits when used properly.

Why Virtual Assistants Make Sense for Seniors

Seniors aren’t known for embracing cutting-edge technology. But, there are many reasons why a virtual assistant may be a helpful addition to their home. For one thing, once an Amazon Echo or Google Assistant is set up in the home, it requires no technical knowledge to operate. By remembering just a handful of voice commands, a senior can accomplish a number of tasks or get helpful information. For example, they can have the device do things like:

  • Turn lights in various places around the home on or off
  • Play music from multiple sources, and increase/decrease the volume
  • Set reminders and maintain a personal calendar
  • Get a weather forecast
  • Adjust the thermostat
  • Perform simple math calculations
  • Find information online (“Who painted the Mona Lisa?”)
  • Play audio books
  • Send messages or make phone calls

And, for seniors who are learning to use their virtual assistant, the devices are infinitely patient and helpful.

Help for Seniors with Physical Impairments

A virtual assistant can be especially helpful for a person with physical challenges. For example, seniors who have poor vision or impaired mobility can use the device from anywhere within the sound of their voice without having to move to it or see a display. The same is true for those with dexterity issues, as they aren’t required to operate any physical controls like knobs or buttons.

Of course, as with any technology, seniors and their families should take a cautious approach to using the device at first. It is important to understand what the virtual assistant is capable of so that they get the results they are looking for.  

Colorado Home Care for a Senior’s Physical Needs

Virtual assistants can be a helpful complement to regular visits by our senior caregivers. They not only handle the physical tasks that a virtual assistant can’t, they provide welcome companionship to independent seniors.

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