Outdoor Activity Options and Benefits for Seniors

Getting outside regularly is great for seniors. There are many enjoyable activities they can pursue, and an array of benefits from getting some sunshine and fresh air. As a leading provider of senior care services, we know that the people we work with love the fact that our care providers can assist them when they want to enjoy outdoor hobbies and exercise.

Benefits of Outdoor Activities

Spending time outdoors provides a number of benefits, including:

  • Helping ensure you get enough vitamin D. Sometimes called the “sunshine vitamin,” vitamin D may help decrease the risk of a number of health issues including osteoporosis and others.
  • Elevating your mood. Getting outside has been linked to lower levels of depression, decreased perception of stress and other mental health benefits.
  • Increase social connections. Spending time outside increases your chances of interacting with others and possibly striking up a conversation that starts a friendship.
  • Improving your sleep. Being outdoors often means being active, and activity during the day can promote better sleep at night.
  • Strengthening your immune system. Outdoor activities may help your immune system function more effectively.

Great Ways to Spend Time Outside

Below are some of the many activities that our Seniors Helping Seniors caregivers can help with.

  • Gardening. Working with your hands while breathing the fresh air can be very enjoyable.
  • Attending a farmer’s market. If you enjoy fresh produce, a farmer’s market is a great place to get it and possibly meet others with a similar appreciation for healthy foods.
  • Go fishing. Fishing can be a very relaxing and enjoyable activity.
  • Have a picnic. Food just seems to taste better when eaten outside. And the people watching can be a treat as well.
  • Stroll through a park. There is so much to see and hear at a park. Taking a leisurely walk through one can be very interesting.

Senior Care Services Helping Seniors Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Our Seniors Helping Seniors caregivers provide assistance in the home. But, they can also help seniors get out and about. With a trusted companion by their side, many seniors can get back to enjoying outdoor pursuits that they may have felt were too challenging on their own.  

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