Provider of Care for Seniors Talks About the Power of Play

All children love to play. But, as we move from childhood into our teens and twenties, we tend to do less and less of it. And that shift into being more “serious” people who only relax and get a little silly in small, scheduled increments continues the older we get. However, as a provider of care for seniors, we know just how important it is to cut loose once in a while.

The Many Benefits of Play

Contrary to the frequently held opinion that play is just a temporary distraction from your obligations, the reality is it’s a great way to improve your ability to address them. Play provides a number of mental and emotional benefits including:

  • Stress relief. Being a senior often comes with a number of challenges and stressors. When wholeheartedly embraced, play triggers the release of the body’s natural feel-good chemicals called endorphins. This can improve your sense of health and well-being, and can even help relieve certain pains.
  • Deeper connection to others. The shared experience of play is something that connects people long after their time together has ended. Whether strengthening friendships or creating new ones, play has a positive effect on relationships.
  • Improved brain function. Many forms of play like puzzles, chess and artistic activities involve analyzing the current situation as well as drawing upon memory. This mental “exercise” has a very positive impact on the brain.
  • Reconnecting with your inner child. Making the decision to play more often helps you access the feelings of joy and wonder you felt as a child and that are wonderful to experience at any age.
  • Enhanced creativity. Most forms of play involve creativity in some form. If you paint, carve, arrange flowers, write novels or enjoy any form of creative expression, playing can help you access your subconscious for new ideas and inspiration for your craft.

Care for Seniors Should Always Involve Play

In addition to the benefits noted above, engaging in play just feels good and makes people happy. Our Seniors Helping Seniors caregivers encourage play in the seniors they visit and enjoy it with them when they can.

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