Senior Care Services Provider Shares Advantages of Home Security Systems

Of course, the best way to ensure that a senior feels safe and secure in their home is to have family, friends and a trained senior care services provider visit and spend time with them regularly. However, when those people can’t be around, a home security system can provide welcome peace of mind.

Great Reasons for Seniors to Consider a Home Security System

There are a number of reasons why seniors should consider having a home security system installed. First, with the right features activated, authorized caretakers can monitor the senior remotely to ensure they are well. Especially for loved ones who can’t visit as often as they would like, this is very reassuring.

Another advantage is that home security systems do much more than simply provide intrusion alerts. Many systems can alert the senior and others if smoke or excessive carbon dioxide are detected, or if the temperature in the home exceeds set limits. Some can even provide notification of flooding in the basement, which may be inaccessible to the senior!

Home security systems also generally include a video doorbell feature. It lets the senior see who is visiting them before they unlock their door. And, virtually all systems allow seniors to request help in a medical emergency. Loved ones and senior care services providers truly appreciate this feature. What’s more, today’s systems are very portable. This means it’s easy for a senior to take the system with them if they move to a new living situation.

A Great Complement to Home Visits

No automatic system will ever be able to deliver the attentive care of a family member or a senior care services provider like Seniors Helping Seniors. But having a system that connects a person to ‘round-the-clock emergency services can help put everyone’s mind at ease.

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