Seniors Helping Seniors Fort Collins on Balancing Career and Caregiving

If you’re a person who is supporting both your aging parents and your growing children, you are in what’s called the “sandwich generation.” And, as we know at Seniors Helping Seniors Fort Collins, you are likely finding it difficult to balance your responsibilities as both a caregiver and a wage earner. That role will never be an easy one, but there are things you can do to make it somewhat less stressful.

How to Excel in Both Your Roles

To ensure that you can give the loving support to your parents that you want to be giving and still earn the income that you need to be earning, consider these strategies:

  • Talk with your employer about your caregiving responsibilities. It can be difficult to be “on your game” at work after a late night attending to an ill parent. It also sometimes raises eyebrows when you have to leave work early or come in late to deal with other caregiver issues. Explaining your situation to your boss and/or HR department can take some of the weight off your shoulders.
  • Consider modifying your work schedule. Some caregivers who feel they have the financial means to do so will simply quit their job to take care of their parents. Unfortunately, the money lost with this approach can have a negative impact on your retirement. In some cases, telecommuting or cutting back to part time can be a great compromise.
  • Talk with your parents. In the same way that you don’t want to disappoint your employer, it’s hard to not be there for your parents in some instances when they need you. Explaining that you love them but need to stay employed can help them see where you’re coming from and have more patience and understanding.
  • Get assistance. Too often, people insist on providing all the care their aging parent needs. Consider asking for occasional help from other family members or looking into the excellent care provided by Seniors Helping Seniors Fort Collins.
  • Take care of yourself. Being in the sandwich generation is stressful. Be sure you take time to assess and act on your own physical, mental, and emotional needs.

Here to Help

At Seniors Helping Seniors Fort Collins, we are a trusted and reliable source for the care of seniors in their homes. Our services range from providing all the care a senior requires to being a resource to other caregivers as needed. Please contact us today to learn more in a free consultation!

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