Dear Tina,
This is a long overdue letter to tell you how truly grateful I am for the opportunity to work with Seniors Helping Seniors...And to tell you that YOU and Sandra and Monica are a great inspiration to me! Your leadership makes it possible for us as care providers to blossom as well. And thank you for the quarterly newsletter...learning about my fellow care providers is also inspiring!
In your recent "reflections" (from the newsletter), you articulated the passion and the commitment and the mission of this work and I feel honored to be a part of has been a privilege to care for seniors...bringing a "depth" to my life that I wouldn't have known otherwise. I think it is comparable to being a "mother". There is so much LOVE! I am overwhelmed at times! That must be part of the "synergy" that we are seeing...
So, on this Mother's Day, I THANK YOU for this wonderful opportunity to experience love in so many way...and I celebrate this one year anniversary (April 25th) with you!

— Georjean

My sweet father had Parkinson disease and the related Parkinson's dementia. I had promised him that I would keep him and my mother (who also had dementia) in their own home, but 3 years ago it became apparent I could not take care of them by myself.
I tried several home care services, the care provided was good, but the providers were young and my parents felt that they could not relate to them and therefore were not comfortable with these 'kids' being in their house.
Seniors Helping Seniors turned out to be a great solution. They were able to provide mature, kind, and very capable caregivers when needed. They were willing to work with me to fill the times I or another family member could not be there.
When my father passed away 16 months ago, we didn't need outside help for awhile, but when it became apparent that more care was required, Seniors Helping Seniors was my first choice. I am so thankful that this company is available to provide such a wonderful service in very hard emotionally difficult times. My mother passed away last week. Being able to keep my promise to keep them in their own home and still have my parents well cared for helps bring peace.
Thank you Tina, and all those who were part of my family's care.



— From our client

Thank you so much for remembering and honoring all your caregivers. The chocolate was delicious and the poem was wonderful. Your thoughtfulness was greatly appreciated. Thank you too, for all you do to support your clients and caregivers. This is a amazing organization and it is a pleasure to be part of.

— Nicole, caregiver

Wow! Thank you so much for the Christmas bonus. I have appreciated working with the Colorado group for these 2 months. The clients have been kind. Your organization has been thorough and super helpful. Looking forward to continuing with you.

— Rainelle, caregiver

I cannot begin to find the right words to express the blessings that your group of caregivers have been to our family during the last few months of very difficult circumstances. The loving care you showed my wife with her physical and vision problems and now the same loving care you are showing me after my wife’s passing. Ingrid is constantly looking for extra “things” to do to help me after my back surgery- cooking special meals- shopping for me- making sure I get my walks in- etc, etc, etc. she always wants to do more!!

— RJ

Thank you for two great years of service, H has become a good friend. We appreciate all you have done for us. My husband enjoyed H's company and visits from the Ladies!
Best wishes!

— Janie

June 15th marks two years of my employment with Seniors Helping Seniors(R) in-home services. I want you to know how much I enjoy my work and how much I appreciate the opportunity.
Thank you!

— Carolyne

Dear Monica,

As always thank you so much for all you do as a Community Educator for The Alzheimer's Association. I so appreciate your presentations in Spanish for our Spanish speaking community.
Warm Regards,

Angel Hoffman

— Angel Hoffman

I would not be where I am today without my Providers Ginny and Nancy. They have been a vital part of the team for my wellness. I appreciate their kindness, support, patience, and flexibility.

We enjoy engaging, connecting, doing crafts, crocheting, cooking, social outings, shopping together.

— Debi B

Dear Sandra,

Please accept my sincere gratitude for your heartfelt help to us during my mother’s last months. Lindy’s cleaning was such a gift to me! But more than that, you need to know what a huge blessing pastor Mark was to us. He called me right away after you & I talked on Oct. 26th, we set a 1:00 time on the 27th.

He came a little early, we visited & I was so encouraged. Then he prayed with my mom & me. It was a beautiful, powerful prayer. I noticed her breathing got regular & deep as he prayed. At the end he said that she would soon hear her Savior say, “well done, good and faithful servant!”

After he left, I opened the window in her room and let the warm, glorious day come streaming in. Less than two hours later, she breathed her last breath! Mark ushered her to heaven’s gate that afternoon, and I shall forever be grateful for his divinely appointed visit.

Thank you for caring about the spiritual needs of those you are helping! It is most important!

Bless you as you continue to reach out to those of us who do need help in the journey, it is hard to do alone.

With Deep Gratitude,

— Debbie

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