Dear Sandra,

Please accept my sincere gratitude for your heartfelt help to us during my mother’s last months. Lindy’s cleaning was such a gift to me! But more than that, you need to know what a huge blessing pastor Mark was to us. He called me right away after you & I talked on Oct. 26th, we set a 1:00 time on the 27th.

He came a little early, we visited & I was so encouraged. Then he prayed with my mom & me. It was a beautiful, powerful prayer. I noticed her breathing got regular & deep as he prayed. At the end he said that she would soon hear her Savior say, “well done, good and faithful servant!”

After he left, I opened the window in her room and let the warm, glorious day come streaming in. Less than two hours later, she breathed her last breath! Mark ushered her to heaven’s gate that afternoon, and I shall forever be grateful for his divinely appointed visit.

Thank you for caring about the spiritual needs of those you are helping! It is most important!

Bless you as you continue to reach out to those of us who do need help in the journey, it is hard to do alone.

With Deep Gratitude,

— Debbie