My sweet father had Parkinson disease and the related Parkinson's dementia. I had promised him that I would keep him and my mother (who also had dementia) in their own home, but 3 years ago it became apparent I could not take care of them by myself.
I tried several home care services, the care provided was good, but the providers were young and my parents felt that they could not relate to them and therefore were not comfortable with these 'kids' being in their house.
Seniors Helping Seniors turned out to be a great solution. They were able to provide mature, kind, and very capable caregivers when needed. They were willing to work with me to fill the times I or another family member could not be there.
When my father passed away 16 months ago, we didn't need outside help for awhile, but when it became apparent that more care was required, Seniors Helping Seniors was my first choice. I am so thankful that this company is available to provide such a wonderful service in very hard emotionally difficult times. My mother passed away last week. Being able to keep my promise to keep them in their own home and still have my parents well cared for helps bring peace.
Thank you Tina, and all those who were part of my family's care.



— From our client