Dear Tina,
This is a long overdue letter to tell you how truly grateful I am for the opportunity to work with Seniors Helping Seniors...And to tell you that YOU and Sandra and Monica are a great inspiration to me! Your leadership makes it possible for us as care providers to blossom as well. And thank you for the quarterly newsletter...learning about my fellow care providers is also inspiring!
In your recent "reflections" (from the newsletter), you articulated the passion and the commitment and the mission of this work and I feel honored to be a part of has been a privilege to care for seniors...bringing a "depth" to my life that I wouldn't have known otherwise. I think it is comparable to being a "mother". There is so much LOVE! I am overwhelmed at times! That must be part of the "synergy" that we are seeing...
So, on this Mother's Day, I THANK YOU for this wonderful opportunity to experience love in so many way...and I celebrate this one year anniversary (April 25th) with you!

— Georjean