After 69 years of marriage, we were split apart. Seniors Helping Seniors helped us live together again.

Often even as they age together, one spouse’s needs are different from the other’s. Seniors Helping Seniors home services can provide the support each spouse needs so that they can continue to live together.

My husband and I have been together 69 years. But with his dementia he just needed more help than I could give him so he moved into an assisted living facility. He hated it. And so did I. We tried to bring him home and get different services, but it was so expensive and the people who were helping out did the job, but just didn't really care about us.

Now, it's different. I can afford to have someone stay with us overnight so I don't have to worry about trying to help him get up. We have people who help us out by cooking, cleaning and driving us places. And the best is that they're all really terrific.

— Mrs R