I have grown as a person. –

Seniors Helping Seniors helpers say their work is an extraordinary gift that has helped them to grow in ways they never dreamt.

My personal experience since being a provider for the past several years has opened my heart to the importance of responding to human need while at the same time enriching myself with the genuine interaction with some very special people. …I have grown as a person – enhancing my sensitivity, listening skills, humor, patience and understanding of those who have found themselves reaching out for help. It has enabled “this little light of mine” to shine and light up not only the lives of those I visit, but also my human experience.

— Barbara

It’s one-on-one which I love. –

Our providers often come from a long history of caring professions, nurses, social workers, teachers, they have a history of helping. They all say that they receive as much as they give.

I have met some wonderful people working here, plus the financial benefits have allowed me to have more spending money and enhance our standard of living… I also believe in all the philosophies – showing much respect and caring for our clients and providing them with the best care we’re capable of giving to them at all times; with the ultimate goal being for them to stay in their own homes as long as possible. ‘Why not love?’ I’m looking forward to many more wonderful years with Seniors Helping Seniors services and am grateful for the opportunity to give and to receive.

— Marianne, R.N.

It’s about yardwork and a whole lot more.

As seniors themselves, our providers understand what aging is about. They are loving, caring, compassionate people who want to help others in the world.

After my own mother died, I wanted to continue to help others. I started to do some yard work for the seniors who are the Seniors Helping Seniors clients.

One of the women I've been helping out lost her husband, who had been wheelchair-bound for some time, just like my mom. I understand how hard it is to lose someone you've been helping out like that. There's the loss of the death and there's also just that sense of not knowing what to do with yourself.

So while I'm planting the new bulbs, we're also talking about life, love, mourning and the next steps. It's a lot more than just the yard work that's getting done in that garden.

— Bob

After 69 years of marriage, we were split apart. Seniors Helping Seniors helped us live together again.

Often even as they age together, one spouse’s needs are different from the other’s. Seniors Helping Seniors home services can provide the support each spouse needs so that they can continue to live together.

My husband and I have been together 69 years. But with his dementia he just needed more help than I could give him so he moved into an assisted living facility. He hated it. And so did I. We tried to bring him home and get different services, but it was so expensive and the people who were helping out did the job, but just didn't really care about us.

Now, it's different. I can afford to have someone stay with us overnight so I don't have to worry about trying to help him get up. We have people who help us out by cooking, cleaning and driving us places. And the best is that they're all really terrific.

— Mrs R

I’m very happy and thankful I selected Seniors Helping Seniors for help in 2004!

We all need a little help from time to time. Seniors Helping Seniors home services can provide as much or as little as you need.

I developed a tilted pelvis and couldn’t do many of the tasks one does when they live alone in an apartment. The women understood that I did have a problem and with their cooperation and service my cleaning, laundry, bedmaking, grocery shopping, and keeping my doctor’s appointments were accomplished. As time went on, I became stronger to do the household chores but I did retain their help which I needed to keep the appointments – even to the beauty salon.

receiver of service since 2004

— Regan

I’m losing my eyesight. So Mary is really a pair of eyes for me but even more, she’s my friend.

We may experience difficulties as we age, that open up other opportunities for companionship and caring.

We go places and have fun together. I can't even imagine life without M. She takes me places, brings me gifts, helps me shop, cook and get the house cleaned. And since we were both nurses, we have lots in common.

Not just our old jobs, but really how we see the world. She tells me that she gets a lot from me, too. And I believe it. Over the years, we've become really close friends.

— Mrs B

They really relieved my worry

We’ve tried lots of services, nothing is like the people who work here.

It is the loving, caring, compassionate seniors who work with Seniors Helping Seniors home services that make all the difference in the world.

When my dad got to be too much for my mom to take care of at home, we tried an assisted living facility. They did all the right things, but he was incredibly lonely and heartbroken and so was my mom.

Can you imagine after 69 years of living together, you have to spend this time apart? Thank God for Seniors Helping Seniors services, they gave them what they needed, with people who cared at a cost that was affordable. They really relieved my worry.

— Daughter of Mrs B

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